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Slide Invisible In Canal (IIC) The smallest custom style, IIC instruments, sit invisibly in or past the second bend of the ear canal. Slide Completely In Canal (CIC)
One of the smallest custom styles, CIC instruments, fit deeply and entirely within the ear canal.

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Advanced Technology

The hearing instruments of today are miniature computers. These smart devices are capable of processing over 250 million instructions per second. They feature optimized directionality, frequency compression capability, advanced digital noise reduction, faster feedback cancellation, automatic speech detection & tinnitus therapy with & without amplification.

Custom Fits

In order to properly fit today’s sophisticated devices, the professional must have an understanding of the emotional impact of hearing loss of the individual as well as in-depth knowledge of programming hearing devices. Fitting hearing instruments is a combination of art and science.

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The Power Of The Right Hearing Specialist.

The Food and Drug Administration has designated Hearing instruments medical devices. When deciding where to go for your hearing healthcare needs you must consider some important factors which will affect your level of satisfaction.

Reputation, Experience & Credentials

We are licensed & trusted in the area with over 20 years of experience.

Quality Brand Names

We supply only the best and most well-known manufacturers in the field.

Comprehensive Services

We offer tests, repair hearing aids and offer follow-up care services.

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We’re A Trusted Advanced Partner.

Being an advanced partner of Signia/Siemens means we are able to offer you more.

It is also important to keep in mind that whether you are an experienced hearing instrument wearer or a beginner, hearing instruments need periodic maintenance. It is wise to select a Hearing Health Professional conveniently located.

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