Now that you need hearing aids to help you hear better and have a better quality of life, we need to make sure they fit just right. This is essential because your hearing health professional will make certain that your hearing device fits comfortably and that the amplification of sound is right for your needs specifically. It also a great chance for you to ask questions and to learn about caring for and maintaining your hearing device. Below, we will explain everything you need to know about what will happen during this appointment.

What Is A Fitting?

There are a few factors that the professional will look for after your initial hearing test. They will figure out the quietest sounds you can hear as well as determine at what degree sounds become uncomfortable. During the fitting, it is imperative that the hearing health professional can set up the hearing device correctly for you. The professional will take all the information into account when adjusting your hearing aids. The fitting ends when the devices are accommodated just for you since everyone has different degrees of hearing loss.

How Long Will It Take?

You should keep two hours free for your first appointment. Generally speaking, a fitting appointment is not an in-and-out visit and will take some time. Therefore, some appointments will last an hour, and sometimes they can go on for a bit longer depending on how many questions you have, so it is important to keep this time free. During the appointment, you are going to be able to learn how to use, maintain, and care for your hearing device, as well as the device being fitted and set up to suit your ears and hearing needs, and this takes time.

What Will Be Discussed?

The main topics of conversation during the hearing aid fitting are the hearing aids, fitting and adjustments, features, and continuous support. After choosing your specific hearing aid, the features of the hearing aid will be explained to you. You will also be given advice regarding how to use the hearing aid, as well as learning about how to look after it and care for it properly too. Moreover, your hearing aid professional will speak to you about exactly how your hearing aid is going to perform and what it can do. There are often a lot of false expectations and information about hearing aids, so your hearing health professional is going to make sure you have all of the facts so that you walk away confident about what your hearing aid can do and how to use it correctly.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect during your hearing aid fitting. Please do not hesitate to write down some questions that you may want to ask your hearing health professional throughout the appointment. You can schedule an appointment with us or with your provider. After all, this is your chance to ask questions too.

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