As 2020 comes to a close and 2021 opens a new year of possibilities, let’s make it the year of safe hearing. In today’s blog post, you’ll learn about a range of products that can help protect your hearing as you ring in the new year.

Hearing Aids

One of the most common hearing products to help you live life to the fullest hearing capacity is, you guessed it, hearing aids! Hearing aids are a wonderful resource that benefits not only the aging population, but adolescents and young adults alike. Although hearing aids aren’t typically something we recommend buying off the drugstore shelf, we encourage you and your loved ones to visit one of our offices to see if a hearing aid is the best option to help you regain lost hearing in the new year.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection comes in all shapes and sizes, from in-the-ear foam earplugs to over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones. Utilizing hearing protection whenever you’re exposed to loud noises over 85 decibels can significantly lower the risk of hearing damage. In 2021, consider investing in high quality earplugs, headphones and earmuffs to build preventative hearing care into your New Year Resolution. But wait, which product is best for you?! Earplugs are most often used by the everyday worker who has some exposure to moderate to loud noises, attends the occasional concert or sporting event, or who simply wants to block out the sound of the neighbors’ barking chihuahua. Headphones are a wonderful choice if you’re working from your home office and want to block out some of the extraneous noise such as yardwork, traffic if you live on a busy road, or roommates while also having the ability to listen to a podcast (check out some of our favorite podcasts here!). Last but certainly not least, earmuffs are ideal for those of you who work in loud environments, such as construction, airports, and concert and sports venues.

Ear Saline Solution

As more studies are released on the detrimental effects of using conventional cotton swabs to clean our ears, investing in proper ear cleaning products is ever more important. There are a variety of ways you can clean your ears in a safe, preventative manner and not risk damaging the inner workings of your ear. You can pick up an ear saline solution that works by using a syringe to squirt the liquid inside of your ear at your local convenience or drugstore store. Not comfortable with this method? No worries, you can also head into one of our locations where one of our trained professionals can clean out built up earwax for a nominal fee.

Schedule A Hearing Consultation

Just as getting regular physical and dental exams is needed for general hygiene, so is getting a hearing exam! Be sure to give us a shout in the new year when you’re ready to establish a baseline for your hearing health.

We hope this guide gives you some ideas on how you can care for your hearing in 2021 and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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