One of the most celebrated days of the year worldwide is New Years Eve and nothing rings in the new year quite like an evening full of food, music, family, friends and of course, a fireworks display. While we all may be celebrating a little different this year, fireworks are still sure to be on the menu. While the display of festive colors is an essential part of many of our celebrations, be sure to practice safety measures so that you won’t be entering 2021 with what could have been preventable hearing loss. Below you can find tips from our experts on how to enjoy the New Years Eve festivities while protecting your ears.

Stand Away From Fireworks

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, one of the best ways to protect your hearing in loud environments is by distancing yourself from the noise source, in this case, fireworks. Try to put some space between you and the explosions of color, whether it’s by watching a display from the rooftop of a parking garage or from your apartment balcony instead of being the one lighting them. Or perhaps, considering watching a fireworks display from the comfort of your living room on your tv.

Take Breaks From Loud Sound

Okay, so you absolutely can’t give up this annual family tradition. That’s okay, there are still ways for you to protect yourself while having fun. Talk with your family about setting up rotations so that you can rotate in other family members to set off the fireworks while you can take a step back from the noise and enjoy from a safe distance away.

Use Hearing Protection

In addition to putting distance between yourself and the fireworks and rotating in family and friends so that you can take a break from the close proximity of the explosions, always remember to use hearing protection whether it’s in the form of earplugs, headphones, earmuffs, or anything in between. Hearing protection can help prevent the risk of long-term hearing loss or tinnitus caused by standing too close to fireworks with nothing filtering out some, or all, of the toxic sound.

Avoid Purchasing Rocket Or Mine Fireworks

Last but not least, while shopping around for fireworks, try to steer clear of mine fireworks. These types of fireworks typically make the loudest bang, due to the amount of explosives they are made from. Although you may have to shop around a little, consider opting in for silent fireworks which can be found at most fireworks retailers. Don’t worry, although they may be silent they still put on a beautiful show.

Opt In For A Quiet New Years Day

After the excitement of NYE, opt in for a quiet New Years Day that will allow your ears a break from the night before, your ears will thank you! You can take this time to practice meditation, write your resolution, videochat family you haven’t talked to in a while or read a book.

From the Wise family to yours, we wish everybody a happy rest of the holiday season and for health, happiness, and positivity in 2021.

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