It’s time for a hearing test and, if you’ve never experienced it before, it’s not uncommon to be a little nervous about what might lay ahead. However, it’s one of the most frequent services provided by your hearing health professional and entirely safe. If you want to make sure that you feel ready and as comfortable as possible, consider the following ways you can prepare.

Make Sure You Have All The Information You Need

During the appointment, you are going to be asked questions about both your general and hearing health. Providing your medical records ensures a more accurate diagnosis of any potential issues. A wide range of health issues and medications can impact your hearing, as can things like physical injuries or exposure to loud noises. All of this information can be very helpful, so gather what you can ahead of time.

Take Care Of Your Ears

Your hearing health professional may clean your ears for you during the hearing test. However, if you don’t want the appointment to go on too long, you can do it yourself at home. Using warm water and a dishcloth, wipe away any excess earwax from the outer ear, but don’t push into the ear canal. If you think you have an earwax blockage, then you might want to arrange a separate appointment to have it removed safely. Attempting to clear blockages with items like cotton buds can be very dangerous, make the problem worse, and lead to infection.

Take Care Of Your Health, Too

Issues like the cold, flu and other illnesses can cause the middle ear to fill up with fluid. This will naturally impact your hearing, meaning that the results of a modern hearing test are likely to be skewed. Besides avoiding those who are clearly ill before the appointment and eating, drinking, and sleeping well to improve your immune system, there is sometimes nothing you can do about catching what is going around. If you do fall sick and you have had any symptoms of the cold before the appointment, you should call to reschedule it instead.

Don’t Be Afraid To Bring A Friend Or Take Notes

If you’re feeling a little nervous, if hearing difficulty makes it hard for you to absorb information well, or if you have trouble remembering details, you should feel welcome to bring a friend or a notepad with you to the appointment. Your hearing health professional will be able to give you resources on information you need that you can read up on but having someone there to help you communicate and keep track of the conversation can help things go a lot more smoothly. Some people simply prefer to have moral support when talking about their health, too.

If you have any concerns about the hearing test process, don’t be afraid to call ahead of time and clear up any questions you might have. Ensuring that you are comfortable and confident in your treatment is a key priority for all good hearing health professionals.

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