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Hearing Care Services

Hearing care services provided by Wise Hearing are professional, thorough and patient-focused. Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss symptoms, sometimes without even noticing its adverse effects. With our help, you can get a handle on your hearing loss with preventative and proactive care.

Hearing Tests

A hearing test is a pre-evaluation to find evidence of hearing loss. It is similar to a screening and is meant to provide a simple pass or fail conclusion. Simplified versions of a hearing test are available online and consist of multiple-choice questions, although in-person hearing tests are more thorough and do a better job of recognizing common indicators of hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

Choosing a hearing aid can be a daunting process for first-time wearers. Hearing aid specialists are a great source of information about available devices and their capabilities. Based on the evaluation results, some hearing aids are recommended over others based on the features available and the extent of hearing loss experienced. Narrowing down the list further requires judging devices based on their style, available programming and comfort levels.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Our patients have the opportunity to try their programmed hearing devices for the first time during this appointment. Some final adjustments are made during the fitting to ensure sound accuracy. Our hearing aid specialists are available to answer any questions about operating the device and will share important knowledge about the daily upkeep. It’s important that patients don’t leave the fitting without being completely satisfied with the results.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Normal maintenance and care ensure that hearing devices last a long time. To Improve durability, rechargeable hearing aids are recommended as there will be minimal to no compartment wear and tear since physical batteries won’t need to be changed when they run out of juice and can instead be charged through a charging port. 

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If your hearing aid happens to break, minor repairs can be made onsite with same day repair available depending on the extent of the repair needed. For major repairs requiring the device to be sent to the manufacturer, we offer loaner hearing aids that can be used while yours are getting repaired.