Are they turned on properly or is the battery dead?

  1. Check to make sure your hearing aids are on by touching the top of the hearing aid and listening for a scratchy sound.
  2. If your hearing aid uses batteries, try replacing them. Make sure to pull the sticker off the battery and insert it properly. Fun fact: hearing aid batteries are powered by oxidizing zinc with oxygen from the air, so let it “breath” for 2 minutes to improve performance. Then, make sure your battery door is completely closed.
  3. If you have rechargeable devices, check the charge on the charging case or the smartphone app. When you charge, make sure your hearing aids are securely in the dock and the light is on.

Is the volume at the appropriate level?

  1. Try resetting your devices. For rechargeable devices, place them in the charger for a minute. For battery-operated devices, open the battery door and then close it.
  2. Also check and adjust your hearing aids’ volume using the smartphone app.

Are they dirty or clogged?

  1. Try cleaning your devices with the cleaning tools that came with your devices. Brush off the microphone and remove ear wax or other debris.
  2. Then replace your wax filters or guards and the domes, even if they were recently changed.
  3. Also consider a professional cleaning, which you should do once or twice a year.

If these tips don’t solve your problem, please call us so we can find a solution for you. To help troubleshoot, we’ll want to know:

  1. How long have you had these hearing aids? How often are you wearing them?
  2. Are both hearing aids affected or just one? If so, which one?
  3. Did something happen recently that could have caused this? For example, did they get wet, get stepped on, or get chewed up by the dog?
  4. Does the device fade in or out? Or does it sound like it’s losing its connection? Or only work occasionally? Sometimes this can happen when you get sweaty or are in extremely humid environments.