We know that exercising is great to keep ourselves healthy, but did you know that there are certain exercises that help promote better hearing? You can help curb hearing loss by one of the various exercises described below into your daily or weekly schedule.

Stretch Your Brain Muscles

Hearing loss can be contributed to deteriorating brain function, so working out your brain by solving puzzles such as sudoku, crosswords and word finds can promote healthy brain function and in turn, help improve hearing and slow down the effects of hearing loss. You can also check out a variety of apps for your cell phone such as Lumosity, Fit Brains and CogniFit for on-the-go cognitive fun.

Practice Yoga

Did you know that one of the many benefits of yoga is improved blood circulation that strengthens nerve functioning? By practicing yoga poses like Downward Dog, Triangle, and Lotus, you improve circulation all throughout your body, including to your head and ears. Although formal yoga classes are one of the easiest ways to get started with yoga, there are a plethora of apps and Youtube channels to help you kickstart your own at-home practice.

Daily Meditation

Meditating for even 5 minutes a day is a quick way to work on your hearing health. By putting aside a few minutes in the morning while you are getting ready for the day, carving out some time during your lunch break, or decompressing after work, meditation helps you draw all your focus to your breathing and improve your concentration. In return, this can help you focus and concentrate on conversations to improve your communication.

Hearing Training

There are a couple ways you can work on training your ears to optimize the types of sounds you can hear and recognize. One type of hearing training works by turning on a radio or speaker and placing it on one side of a room while simultaneously talking to someone either in person or on the phone. This is a great way to work on focusing on certain sounds while tuning out others. Another hearing exercise you can try is listening for a sound or noise furthest away and really focusing on it for about 30-60 seconds. Then, listen for the sound that’s closest to you for another 30-60 seconds.

Start Reading Aloud

Remember when you were in school and you used to take turns with your classmates reading a story? Consider bringing back this timeless practice and reading the newspaper, a novel, or a recipe aloud. To really practice on strengthening your hearing, play a movie or podcast in the background while you read aloud. By focusing on your voice and filtering out ambient noise, you can incorporate hearing strengthening practices into your daily activities.

Whether you’ve just turned 20 or your 50th birthday is next month, there’s no better time to take proactive steps in strengthening your hearing and taking preventative measures to protect your hearing. Concerned that you may be experiencing hearing loss? Click here to reach out to us to schedule a hearing consultation

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