You’ve heard it and we’ve all said it- there’s an app for everything. Especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a heightened focus on health and how to stay healthy through these unprecedented times. Whether you actively monitor your health and live an active lifestyle or it’s part of your 2020 goals, check out the list below for some of the top trending health and fitness apps to track your health and improve your lifestyle.

My FitnessPal

Brought to you by the universally-known fitness brand Under Armour, MyFitnessPal is a user-friendly platform great for beginners and seasoned health professionals alike. MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counting app that allows you to track your meals and offers a comprehensive look into your macros (fat, carb, protein), sodium levels, minerals and vitamins, and more to help you understand your eating habits and focus on areas that could use a little extra TLC. One of the greatest features to this app is that it has a searchable food database with over 300,000,000 foods that tracks all the nutritional facts for your meals. Whether you’re able to input your meals while spending time on the computer or you use the mobile app (Apple and Android) to input on the go, MyFitnessPal offers the flexibility to fit your needs.


Willing to spend a little money to kickstart your health journey? Noom is a psychology and app based weight loss program that focuses on the, well, psychology behind losing weight and keeping it off. After taking it for a 14 day test run, you have the opportunity to continue your program (at a cost) for a personalized weight loss plan. Once you make your commitment to improving your health, you have access to an abundance of resources including your personal health coach, support group of individuals who started roughly around the same time you did, daily readings (only 5 minutes a day!) and a library chock full of yummy recipes.


Stress less. Move more. Sleep Soundly. Enticing, is it not? Headspace is one of the highest ranking sleep and meditation apps that hit the market back in 2010. Headspace has been shown to have positive effects on focus and sleep all the while decreasing the negative effects of stress and anxiety through the multitude of meditation classes it offers with a variety of focuses. Studies show that managing stress and improving quality of sleep profoundly improve overall quality of life; are you ready to get the head space you deserve?

Yoga Studio

Have you wanted to take a yoga class but felt too intimidated by other students and their skill? You now have the opportunity to indulge in a yoga class or two from the comfort of your home, nearby park, or on the beach. Yoga is a great means of improving circulation, flexibility and strength as well as clearing your mind and re-centering your focus. Classes range from beginner to intermediate to advanced and range in time from anywhere between 10 – 60 minutes. Check out a class or two on the Yoga Studio app for free!

Nike Training Club

Grab your water bottle, lace up your shoes and hit play on your workout of choice in the Nike Training Club app. Brought to you by none other than the Nike fitness brand, this app is chockful of customized training plans to help you achieve your fitness goals of slimming down, gaining muscle, or getting toned

all around. You have the chance to take one-off classes to hit key muscle groups, build endurance during a HIIT training session, or explore a new class such as a guided 5K. Whatever your fitness goals, Nike’s pro athletes will be there with you every step of the way.

Mimi Hearing Test

Researching hearing professionals, scheduling an appointment and spending half the day waiting in a doctor’s office is hardly how you envision spending your day off. Fortunately, Mimi is here to give you your day back! In just 6 short minutes, Mimi walks you through a hearing exam and can offer an insight into your hearing health. Although it is not recommended to replace Mimi with your hearing health professional, it is a great alternative until you have the time to visit your specialist in person.

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