I am sure you have heard it all- only go out for essential goods, limit contact with other people, stay home as much as you can, or #StayHome. All very valid reasons to create distance in order to play our part to stop the spread of Coronavirus. We would like to challenge the word “social” and encourage people to practice “physical” distance instead.

To us, the words social distance, since it’s associated with social media, means to encourage isolation, disconnection, lack of community or community distrust, with people during the time when we need them the most.

Social, in the context of social media, means that we are more connected than ever before. Email, apps, and the internet as a whole has brought this huge planet closer. Information is flowing faster than ever! Yet, one can argue that we are very disconnected. Regardless, if one uses the internet as a tool for connection or an escape from reality, it is here to stay, period.

We hope that you stay social, in fact become more social during this time. This is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, call parents and grandparents you haven’t spoken to in a while, or even learn to video chat your children and grandchildren who have grown since the last time you saw them.

Yes, it is important for seniors who have chronic conditions to stay vigilant and healthy at home. Some of the toughest environments for people to practice physical distance are grocery stores and pharmacies. If possible, we recommend everyone especially seniors, to avoid these locations and utilize delivery services. If you cannot access delivery services from the store or services such as Uber Eats or Delivery Dudes, you should see if a family member, friend or neighbor can go to the store for your essentials.

We are social creatures. Our ancestors thrived in communities. We developed to who we are and what we have today by promoting connection. So please, practice healthy skepticism. Continue to be the social creatures that we are, and practice physical distance during this time to ensure we are doing our part in keeping us safe and healthy.

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